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Kundalini Energy


-Serpent energy at the base of the spine, located in the root chakra.

-Energy channel

-Ida, feminine, left, moon

-Pingala, masculine, right, sun

-Sushumna- represent consciousness. as we send both masculine and feminine energy throughout the body.

-(The Ida and Pingala wrap around the sushumna in a double helix towards the crown chakra)

-Polarity of both sides (masculine & feminine) burning off to get to sushumna

-72,000 nadis run throughout the entire body

-Mastery of self


-Sympathetic and parasympathetic systems are easier to control when kundalini energy is activated. This also helps to stabilize the nervous system

-When we are able to harmonize the nadis, we can activate the kundalini.

-Can connect to the divine

-Makes you more present and mindful, past thoughts equals depression, future thoughts equals anxiety

-Emotional intelligence that's beyond thinking

-Yoga of awareness and experience

-Its apart of the essence in everything in life, can experience the depth and elevation of something

HOW CAN WE PRACTICALLY ACCESS IT? -Being mindful, focus on my breathing, placing hand over heart and breathing -Being aware of the breath and hows its connected to the body -Relaxation in the body helps set the stage for an awakening -To consciously feel it rising during the process of climax -Consistency allows you to cultivate peace and equanimity -Non attachment is the foundation of the practice

WHAT ARE SOME SIGNS THAT YOUR KUNDALINI ENERGY IS WAKING UP/ BEING ACTIVATED? -Insomnia -Appetite Loss -Hard time focusing -Social settings can become challenging -Sensitive around noises -Waking up 2-3 AM, full of energy / kriya movememnts -Rashes on hands, moving back and forth from left to right, bad eczema body aches -Seductive, out of body experience -Digestion wasn't normal during this time -Elongated period, 30 days

DANGERS? -Altered states of consciousness -Breath work can be triggering for past experiences dealing with the loss of breath, choking, panic attacks, etc. -If you have energy in the upper chakras, do grounding work first (since the energy will rise) grounding helps you feel connected and allows for integration after the experience

GREAT SOURCES FOR KUNDALINI PRACTICES? Yogi Bhajan Living with Kundalini Working with Kundalini by Mary Muller Shutan The Stages of Spiritual Awakenings Managaing Psychic Abilities Kundalini Tantra Big K: My Kundalini Story The Autobiography of a Yogi Serpent Power by Arthur Avalon

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