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Kemetic Yoga: Part 1

***Kemet is Egypt – Greeks named Kemet “Egypt” after colonization*** Brief History (Pre-Dynasty Period / Before Pharaohs)

  • The people of Kemet were descendants of the Nubian people whose origins were from within the heart of Africa further south of EGYPT.

  • Located in the Nile valley, the flow of the NIle River brought annual floods that provided irrigation and new soil nutrients every year that allowed for regular crops when worked on time.

  • This regularity and balance of nature inspired the population to adopt a culture of order and duty based on cosmic order – MA’AT. The ideal extended to the understanding of Divine justice and reciprocity.

(42 Precepts of MA’AT page 138)

  • So if work is performed on time and cooperation with nature, there will be order, balance and peace as well as prosperity in life – for the individual, family, and community.

  • Here lies the earlier adoption to “As Above, So Below”.

  • *An early understanding (For example Great Pyramid of Giza and the Constellation of Orion's Belt)

11,000 - 9,000 BCE

  • So with the ideal in mind, “As Above, So Below”, the land of Egypt was split into two lands in reflection of this underlying teaching.

INTRO TO KEMETIC YOGA Philosophy Kemetic yoga comes from these Ancient terms below:

  • Shetaut Neter – Hidden Divinity – “The way of the hidden Supreme Being”

  • Smai Taui – Sema – The UNION of The Two Lands / The UNION of the Two Lungs

  • Smai means “Union” and the following determinative terms give it a spiritual significance equal to the term YOGA.

  • The Two Lands refers to Upper and Lower Kemet (Egypt) or Upper, being the (Higher-self) and Lower, being the (Lower-self) , which is in every human being… Respectfully

  • Lower Egypt (Papyrus Plant) = Lower Self - the animalistic self = negative mind, uncontrolled in the human mind (Fear, Worldliness, egoism, ignorance, selfishness etc) SET, brother of Osiris

  • Upper Egypt (Lotus Flower) = Higher Self - the conscience self = positive mind, above temptations and good in human heart (Love, Truth, Wisdom, peace, balance etc) HERU / Horus, son of Osiris and Isis

  • “Smai Heru-Set” Page 32 (YOGA) & Page 149 (TOL) : Heru subdues Set, thereby unified and symbolized by tying the knot of UNION to show both lands under one rulership. Also the union of the two lungs by way of the breath. Control of one’s breath (Life Force) through the union (control) of the lungs (breathing organs).

  • Symbols like the Caduceus normally held by the god THOTH, which the Greeks renamed to Hermes’ Trismegistus, the two snakes represented the separation of the two lands with a deeper mystical understanding we, the individual, must re-unite the two levels of our consciousness.

The NETER and The NETERU The Priests and Priestesses of Kemet develop spiritual systems, such as yoga, that were designed to allow the average human being to understand the nature of the secret being who is the essence of ALL creation. They call this system “Shetaut Neter” ‘Shetaut’ means Hidden/Secret and ‘Neter’ means Divinity. Here, from Neter comes the Neteru. So “from the one, comes the many” Neteru, which can be translated as “nature” in English, means gods and/or goddess and understands that all are the manifested power of nature (qualities or personalities) of the one ultimate transcendental Supreme Being. The Neteru are symbolized in relation to the cosmic energy or forces of the universe. For Example, the Supreme Being (Neter) is represented by RA and Ra’s Planet (Cosmic/Zodiac) Energy symbolized by the SUN. (RA = BRAHMA/ HINDU ABRAHAM = JEWISH “Father Abraham had many sons...”– Song) KEMETIC Neteru (Goddesses and Gods) REBRANDED in many CULTURES Greek Hermes Trismegistus (Staff) Page 54 and 55 (Egyptian Yoga) Kemet Gods & Goddesses v. Greek Gods & Goddesses Page 20 (Egyptian Yoga) India The Sefekh BA RA v. The Kundalini 7 Souls of Ra: BA = Soul(s) RA= Supreme Being (NETER) Page 144-145 Chakra Translation Page 146 Scale Explanation Words of Reflection Contentment - You are the universe. All is inside you. What else is needed? Fearlessness - You are ALL, therefore you cannot be afraid of yourself?

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