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Hello Body

Hello Body — Let’s start the conversation!

How do we begin to know ourselves? How do we know what feels right or wrong for us?

The first step is listening and talking to our body’s.

  • Check in: how do I feel today? Tired? Sore? Dehydrated?

  • When you tie your shoes, walk up the stairs, get out of bed… What is your body telling you?

  • When you’re doing something you love or trying something new… What is your body telling you?

Everything is connected. Mind, body and spirit. It’s important to create that healthy relationship with yourself so that you can live a full life. One that is centered, clear and honoring you.

Create habits focused around your body's communication.

  • As soon as you wake up: drink water, breathe and stretch.

  • Write down how you feel each day before and after these healthy practices; become more intentionally aware of your body. Most importantly with the understanding that every[body] is different.

Movement, whether it be dance or yoga, can be incredibly beneficial to your overall well-being.

Movement — Physical Communication:

The body is home to our spirit. It is a temple worthy of honoring.

When our bodies experience physical activity our endorphins are released relieving conditions of stress and/or pain and resulting in a feeling of well-being.

Studies have linked being inactive and sitting too much with higher risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, colon and lung cancers, and early death.

Benefits of being active:

  • Lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia and Alzheimer’s, several types of cancer, and some complications of pregnancy

  • Better sleep, including improvements in insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea

  • Improved cognition, including memory, attention and processing speed

  • Less weight gain, obesity and related chronic health conditions

  • Better bone health and balance, with less risk of injury from falls

  • Fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety

  • Better quality of life and sense of overall well-being

*People with chronic conditions and symptoms can consult a health care professional or physical activity specialist about the types and amounts of activity appropriate for them.


What is 8COUNTFIT?

8CountFit is a new dance fitness company designed to empower people to move. Whether you’re starting a new conversation with your body, or deepening your groove, 8CF is the virtual studio for you.

You can sign-up here for more information:

@officialidaflo (Flo Dabokemp, Founder of 8CountFit)

Integration Of Movement (physical activity) & Nutrition:

Those who integrate movement and nutrition are more likely to experience health improvements.

Link to my favorite nutrition book: The Mind-Gut Connection by: Emeran Mayer, MD

Nutrition — Biological Communication:

The brain and the digestive system are intricately connected.

  • Carried throughout the bloodstream are biological communication signals between the brain and the gut.

*Ever had a gut-feeling?

  • The complex communication between the gut and the brain play a crucial role in our well-being, our emotions and our ability to make intuitive decisions.

  • The gut is also the largest storage facility of serotonin; a signaling molecule within the gut-brain axis, essential for normal intestinal functions and vital functions such as sleep, appetite, pain sensitivity, mood, and overall well-being.

My Gut Health Specialist referral:

Jaclyn Renee


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Additional Resources

The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity: A Modern Practical Guide to the Ancient Way by Daniel Reid