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Full Moon Liquid Fast February

  • Drink half your weight in water everyday

  • Dry brushing

  • Portion size one handful, two handfuls are a meal

  • Cravings journal - keep a journal during fasting as a tool for innerstanding

1. What foods do you crave?

2. Is it hunger?

3. How do you feel before you eat it?

4. Did you eat it?

5. How did you feel after you ate it?

  • Circadian fast - fasting during the sunlight hours

  • Alluose - is a new sweetener on the market. It supposedly has the taste and texture of sugar, yet contains minimal calories and carbs...(

  • If you have sugar cravings, ask yourself from an emotional, mental or spiritual perspective, 'Where in your life are you craving sweetness?'

  • According to the Chinese medicine tradition, humans have three brains: the gut, the heart and the brain, (with the brain being the smallest).

  • The gut hears and listens to everything that we speak

  • Constipation - are you stuck in different emotions, what are you holding on to? are you in the flow of life?

  • Consistent, easy bowel movements are an indicator of your emotional state

  • Montak Chia - Inner Smile: smiling at your organs. imagine that your organs have a cute, smiley face on them and smile at them.

  • How does fasting affect our sleep? Fasting affects our hormones which resets when we fast, which could allow for a more restful sleep

  • Skip every 7th meal, an Ayurvedic practice

"An uncontrolled mind can be your worst enemy, but a controlled mind can be your best friend."

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