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The first time I tried yoga, I was a  freshman in high school and was immediately hooked!  I loved discovering new ways to move my body and enjoyed the mental clarity that came along with my daily yoga practice.  Fast forward to 2015...that's when I decided to share the gift of yoga with others and became a certified yoga instructor with Sadhana Yoga School in Fiji.  In 2018, I deepened my understanding and teachings of yoga and received my RYT-500 certification from the School Yoga Institute in Peru.  Health and wellness have always been a big part of my life and as a certified plant based nutritionist, I love helping others discover the positive benefits of living a compassionate, vegan lifestyle.  I hope to enlighten and inspire others to make more conscious choices that benefit their mind, body, spirit and the environment.

Love & Light,




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Bertrand Kan

"I’ve had the pleasure of practicing yoga with and being taught by an extraordinary teacher, Shakeera Kelly.   Mindfulness is what best describes her teaching. She feels exactly what your body needs and how far you can and should go, moving boundaries bit by bit and going further than you ever thought possible.  Moreover, she has the greatest, most positive attitude to life, lights up any room and lifts the spirits of everyone around her. She combines her teaching with nutrition that make for a complete mind and body revamp. I can’t recommend Shakeera enough!"


Malin Svensson

"I had the privilege of going to the Bahamas for a fitness retreat where Shakeera was teaching.  As soon as I met her, we had this instant connection.  She is an absolute ray of sunshine, and if you ever come across her, you won't forget her!  It's also safe to say, I have never laughed so much in a yoga class."


Maiken Ariana

"Shakeera is one of the most naturally gifted yogi’s, that I have ever met. Not only does she have a warm and compassionate approach, she also has the ability to ensure your practice is precise and catered to your body. I have been to many all-levels yoga classes and have found them either intimidating or hard to follow. Shakeera has found the balance of creating an inviting friendly atmosphere whilst also being able to fully focus on the clarity of instructions for each posture."


Rob Greenberg

"I have been practicing yoga with Shakeera for 
3 years. During this time 
she has helped me take my practice to new levels by pushing me outside my comfort zone, always introducing new moves and techniques to make me better each time. 
With Shakeera’s spiritual instruction, it is always an amazing mind/body experience."


Irene Sirtori

"I would highly recommend taking a yoga class from Shakeera.  She challenged me and made me feel comfortable doing poses that I have never attempted before.  She is thorough in her instruction and you will leave her class feeling better than when you arrived. I appreciate her energy and motivation throughout, as she makes difficult poses seem fun."


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